Emitter Comparison

In these graphs, we compare the physical characteristics against other emitters in the industry. We compare length of flow path, size of flow path, and total screen area. Compare the numbers and see why Max-Emitter is the superior emitter designed specifically for heap-leach mining needs.


Max-Emitter vs. The Competition

Total Flow Path Length

Benefit of the

Long-Length Flow Path:

When the flow path is longer, you'll have smaller flow variations as a result of pressure changes. This means more consistent emitter to emitter output.

Total Screen Area

Benefit of the

Larger Screen Area:

At a full 330°, the Max-Emitter™ offers the largest inlet screen area available. More screens mean less plugging and higher production.

Total Flow Path Volume

Benefit of the

Larger-Volume Flow Path:

A large flow path volume prevents plugging by allowing particulates to pass through the emitter.