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Why Choose the Max-Emitter?

1. Plug Resistance Increases Extraction

The Max Emitter is the most plug resistant emitter available on the market today. Plugging results in reduced extraction and causes the system hydraulics to change thereby negatively changing the solution application rates. The patented emitter design enables you to use lower flow rates without the dripper plugging. Using the Max-Emitter will usually increase extraction and bring mine performance much closer to original performance specifications.

2. Longer Life Means Lowest Cost

Because it is more plug resistant many mines use the Max Emitter for 2 or more cycles which reduces their drip line costs by 50 to 75% making the Max Emitter lowest cost product for the mines.

3. Wider Spacing Lowers Investment and Reduces Saturation

Since the Max-Emitter is less likely to plug you can increase your spacing between emitters and emitter lines which has multiple benefits. The initial investment is reduced because it is not necessary to purchase so many drip lines. For example, a 36” spacing uses one third the number of lines of a 12” spacing. In addition, there is reduced ore saturation when the spacing is increased. Click here for information on saturation.


Animation of Max-Emitter

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Max-Emitter vs. The Competition

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Ore-Max Max-Emitter is the first emitter designed specifically for the mining industry and offers improved technological advantages.


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