Ore-Max Side Slope System

Don't Leave the Side Slope Out!

In the past, these mineral rich areas have been ignored because standard emitterlines would not work on the steep slopes. These lines would either deliver too much solution or would blow apart because of the excessive pressure due to gravity. Also the solution that was dripping would have a tendency to run down the tube instead dripping properly below the emitter.

Ore-Max has solved the side slope problems by providing pressure regulators at critical points along the line so that the pressure in the line never exceeds the proper working limits of the system. Also external drip collars are install at every emitter so that the solution is evenly distributed over the full surface of the side slope. The result is maximum mineral recovery from all of the previously ignored side slope areas.


Ore-Max Components for Side Slope Systems:

Ore-Max Pressure Regulators

Ore-Max pressure regulators should be dispersed throughout the side slope to maintain uniform distribution over the area.


Ore-Max Emitterline Collars

Enables your emitter to drip where it is supposed to and not run down the tube.


Ore-Max Poly Tubing

10' length of plain tubing to start emitter line (to first regulator). Allows enough length to wrap mainline and position first emitter just over the crest of the slope, eliminating road wetting and subsidence.


Ore-Max Pressure Regulator Set with Hose Connectors